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5555My friend Tekla and I

I veckan var jag på ett Pree VMA party på Sky Bar i West Hollywood. Det var i samarbete med Sabo Skirt så jag och en vän till mig bestämde oss för att gå dit en sväng. Nu i helgen kommer hela Hollywood vara fullt utav fester eftersom MTVs VMA delas ut på Söndag. Ska bli spännande att se! Sky Bar som alltså är ett hotell på Sunset Blvd är minst sagt eftertraktat, så stället var ganska så packat med folk under kvällen. Det bjöds på tilltugg och välkomstdrinkar i en mysig kvällsbelysning. Träffade en hel del intressanta människor under kvällen, gillar event som där det bjuds på kloka och människor man kan lära sig något från, och det gjorde den här lilla tillställningen.

I went to a Pree VMA Party at Sky Bar in West Hollywood this week. The even was presented by Sabo Skirt and my friend and I decided to stop by. This weekend will be at least to say crazy in Hollywood with parties and events, this because MTV’s Video Music Award will be held on Sunday. Excited to see it! Sky Bar is an attractive hotel on Sunset Blvd, so the place was packed. We ate appetizers and met a whole lot of interesting people throughout the night, love it when that happens, when you meet people that can actually inspired you. A fun event and a fun night!  







A New year’s eve in pictures


That same night it was time for Steve to play at SLS Hotel. A small intimate crowd of friends had all come together, and we were right there behind the dj booth the whole night.


and there is the new year! I love this man!


Everyone in the crowed loved it, it was packed as far as I could see and the excitement got even better after midnight.


Flashing lights…


..and confettis where everywhere!


People were singing, dancing and having their time of their life! And then the show was over..


Backstage, we snacked on some food, talked, had water, laughed and summed up the night


..before it was time to jump on the jet again to go back home to LA…


…and there I’m out.

How I spent my New Year

6 2


1 2

Last minute my plans for New Year changed, I wasn’t sure if I was going with Steve to Vegas or not but as you can see I ended up going. 4

We took a small plane over to Las Vegas that same day, on the 31st of December. Steve was playing at SLS and like every other new year, I wanted to be there with him.


We landed in Vegas that night and went straight to the hotel.


….after a little bit of a wait.


Steve was greeted with press as soon as we got there.


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13 2

The party before the party began! How the night looked like you will see a bit later 🙂

Amazing news for my friend Audrey Napoleon

1This is such amazing news for my good friend Audrey! She is going to be the new Eyeliner Cover Girl for Ardency Inn! I’ve loved this girl ever since we started working together on her new song and filming the trailers for my book a little over a year ago! This is awesome news in itself but it’s such an honor because she now joins Nervo as the only DJs that have a cosmetics contract.  This is the start of bigger things to come for her and I couldn’t be more proud!

Get the make up at SephoraUrban Outfitters or






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