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philip hogLoving my new shoes from the Stockholm based brand Philip Hog. He offers a wide variety for men and women and if you haven’t checked out his collection you got to do that here. I love his mission which is ”to create a brand that erase the line between women and men as well as between countries and cultures” pretty cool I have to say and I agree with that! If you would like a pair, just comment below and tell me WHY you want to win a pair. I will present a winner in a week. Good luck and happy Saturday! hog

Shall I book my flight ticket to this?

Have you seen this yet? Cara Delevingne recently teamed up with Pharrell Williams for the new Chanel film, ‘”Reincarnation.” Pharell who is a close friend of the designer composed and wrote the lyrics of  ”CC The World” the original soundtrack for ”Reincarnation.”

What is so cool is that they both are faces of the Paris-Salzbug 2015/2015 Metiers d’art Collection campaign!! The film will be on in Salzburg December 1st and I would die to go, of course because of this event but also because I used to go here with my mom every year as a child, and I have so many amazing memories from this place. There are less than 100 people invited to this event and I can actually go, shall I book my ticket? Am I dumb if I don’t go?

Jetting home to LA

1Leaving Las Vegas for this time… Time to get back home to LA. 


2222 Here are the last pictures from when we were taking off on Sunday, Las Vegas was so much fun with everyone… Steve’s birthday, the show at Life, our Saturday with the kids, photo shoots and lovely friends, what more can you ask for? Gone for only two days but already feel rested and did so much. Vegas is a great spot if you need a quick getaway for 2 days, it’s close and the hotels offers anything you can think of! Even my kids had a great time and I’m so happy that the whole family could go with Steve this time!


3333Peek-a-Boo.. Winter Rose is on an airplane


4444Got restless so decided to sit in daddy’s knee and color some on the way home


5555The Strip from the sky, pretty


6666A tired mommy and an even more tired daughter (even though I feel rested)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you have an amazing day with all your closest friends and family around you. That’s how I will celebrate my Thanksgiving today, with my girls and my husband right next to me. We will also be eating, and by that I mean a lot. Since Thanksgiving isn’t such huge holiday in Sweden, we kind of have to follow the traditions over here. We went grocery shopping with our friends from LA and they stuffed our grocery cart with all traditional food you just have to eat today. I’m sure it will be very tasty. Kisses and hugs and be safe!

Episode 4 of ”Euros of Hollywood”

1118_EH_104_ISABEL OKAYOkayyyyy? Epispode 4 of Euros this week was, hmm what can I say… who watched it?

Well well, the lunch between Fawni and Bleona is kind of interesting.. Sascha is arranging a lunch for them just so they can get along once for all. But as I said, that’s like asking God for an answer – that is not going to happen. Why I think the lunch is very interesting is because, if you can recall to what happen in episode 3, you know that Bleona was the one telling ME that Fawni was going to ruin my party. Now at the lunch, Bleona is telling Fawni that I had told Bleona that I thought Fawni would have ruin my party if she showed up, which obviously is not true. Drama drama. The ones who watched episode 3 knows that those words were Bleona’s, not mine.

It’s very interesting to see that the way they edited this show comparing to real life is completely different. But I assume that’s just an important piece to make a successful reality show.

1118_EH_104_ISABEL WEIRDYeah, being inside of that oxygen tank was kind of weird. Who does that?

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